Who is eligible to volunteer: Volunteers must be 14 years of age or older (exceptions can be made by management). Volunteers will be accepted for work on scholarships, school and community clubs and service, or general donation of time with no regard to pay or future employment. Court mandated community service will not be able to volunteer at the library.

Potential volunteers will be asked for an interview before beginning work. The Putnam County Library reserves the right to refuse volunteers, however, the Putnam County Library will not refuse anyone on the grounds of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, religious beliefs, national origin, age, or disability.

Dress Code/General Attitude: At all times while on the premises or in an official capacity, volunteers are representatives of the library. Thus, volunteers should dress and act appropriately as befits all employees of the Putnam County Library. Volunteers should be helpful, courteous, and friendly to both employees and patrons. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from volunteering.

person selecting a book from a shelf of books

Volunteers must comply with all ethical standards imposed on libraries including the “Freedom to Read” and the “Library Bill of Rights”. These documents will be provided to all volunteers. Volunteers must follow the dress code for Putnam County Library employees provided in the volunteer packet.

Attendance: Volunteers will be expected to make a set schedule and stick with it (exceptions can be made by management if worked out in advance). Not showing up for a scheduled shift without informing supervisors may result in dismissal. All volunteers will be given a direct supervisor, schedules will need to reflect the supervisor’s availability (supervisor substitutions can be made on a case by case basis). Volunteers must show up on time for their shift. Excessive tardiness may result in dismissal. Volunteer hours will be kept on a sign in sheet in a designated Volunteer folder held by the supervisor.

Approved by Library Board of Trustees October, 10, 2017
Amended by Lirbary Board of Trustees September 10, 2019