Hot Spot and Chromebook Policy

The borrower agrees to the following:

  1. Must be a registered library patron 18 years old or older with account in good standing
  2. May only borrow one Hot Spot and/or Chromebook per household at a time
  3. May check out the Hot Spot for 7 days with no renewals.  May check out Chromebook for 14 days with no renewals
  4. Will pay overdue fines of $3 per day if Hotspot or Chromebook is not returned by the due date, with a cap of $15
  5. Understands that holds may be placed on Hotspots and/or Chromebooks. Holds will only be able to be placed in person or over the phone. Holds will not be able to be placed via the online catalog
  6. Upon return of the hotspot, neither the borrower nor anyone in the borrower’s household may place a hold or check out a hotspot within a 48 hour time period.
  7. All components of the Hotspot and/or Chromebook must be returned in working condition including device, charger/cord, case, and SIM card, or the full replacement cost will be added to the patron account.  Components of Chromebook include Chromebook, charger, and carryingcase
  8. Understands the Hotspot and/or Chromebook will be deactivated if not returned within 6 Days after the due date and the full replacement cost will be added to the patron account if the device is lost or not returned within 21 days of checkout
  9. Understands that a $10.00 reactivation fee will be charged to account if device is deactivated, a $10.00 reactivation fee will be charged to account and neither the borrow nor anyone in the borrower’s household will be eligible to checkout a Hotspot for a minimum of 30 days upon return.
  10. Understands that the Hot Spot and/or Chromebook must be returned to the library staff at the circulation desk. Hot Spots and/or Chromebook cannot be returned in book drops
  1. Agrees to Putnam County Library’s Internet and Wi-Fi use policy, which prohibits pirating, illegal downloads, child pornography, etc.
  2. Understands that administrative staff reserves the right to suspend or terminate eligibility to check out a Hotspot or Chromebook by the borrower or anyone in the borrower’s household for any reason deemed appropriate. Any borrower shall have the right to appeal this decision to the Library Board of Trustees.
  3. Note to parents/guardians: Internet content filtering is NOT provided through the Hot Spot. Parents/guardians are responsible for monitoring what their children access via the Wi-Fi Hot Spot.