Putnam County Resident Adult Card
An adult applicant (over the age of 17) is eligible for a full- access library card as long as they are a resident of Putnam County. Applicant must have a valid form of photo ID as well as a valid proof of residence.

Valid forms of photo ID:

  • Driver’s license/ID
  • School ID
  • Military ID
  • Passport

Valid proofs of residence:

  • Photo ID with current address
  • Current voter registration card
  • Current lease agreement
  • Current vehicle insurance
  • Mailed or online bill from the last 30 days
  • Current mail (within 30 days)
  • A P.O. box may be used as secondary address but is not accepted as address verification.

Child (Limited Access)
Starting at age 5, a child may apply for a Child Card. The child must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when applying for a card, and proof of residence and valid ID must be presented by the parent or guardian at time of application. Parent or guardian must sign application. Valid IDs and proofs of residence are listed above. Child accounts may not check out DVDs. Patrons ages 16 and older with a valid driver’s license are not required to have the parent or guardian present to sign the application.

Out-of-County Card
A full-access Out-of-County Card is available to adult non-residents of Putnam County for an annual, non-refundable, out-of-county fee of $10. Out-of-county children are not charged the annual fee and may have a Child Out-of-County Card.

College and University Cards
Out-of-county residents currently attending a college or university located in Putnam County may receive a library card without paying the out-of-county fee. The applicant will need to meet the same identification and proof of current address as stated above as well as providing their current student ID. Once they are no longer attending the college or university, out-of-county fees will apply.

Guest Cards
Residents outside of Putnam County may request a Guest Card for computer access only. Guests must show a valid photo ID. Guest Cards are valid for computer access only and may not be used to check out materials of any kind.

Off-Site Issuance
Library staff may issue library cards off site. The applicant will need to meet the same identification and proof of current address as stated above as well as a signature of a parent or legal guardian, if applicable.

Expiration Dates and Renewal of Library Cards
Patrons may be requested to provide photo ID when renewing library card.

All library cards are valid for one calendar year from date of issue and are renewable as long as the account is in good standing (no fees or overdue materials) and, if applicable, upon payment of the $10 out-of-county fee.

Parent or guardian must be present in order to renew youth cards.

Lost & Replacement Cards
Patrons are responsible for any materials checked out on lost or missing cards. Patrons are responsible for notifying the library if a card is lost or stolen. The library will put a block on the account so additional materials cannot be checked out. A replacement card may be purchased for the cost of $2.  A free replacement card will be given to patrons if current card is no longer usable due to damage or wear.

Checking Out Material
Upon being issued a new library card, the patron may check out up to 20 items.

A patron should present his/her library card in order to check out materials. If the library card is not in his/her possession, materials may be checked out with photo identification. Library card barcodes presented on smart phones or other mobile devices are also accepted.

Patrons with outstanding fees over $5 will not be allowed to check out additional materials. Patrons with outstanding fees of over $15 will be blocked from computer use.

All circulating materials may be borrowed for a total of two weeks. Some limitations are placed on the number of materials allowed per library card. Patrons may not exceed these limitations.

  • DVDs – 10 per adult card
  • Total items may not exceed 20

Child/Adult Access Cards
Full-access Adult Cards may check out any circulating materials owned by the Putnam County Library System and use the computers for one hour (with a possible one-hour extension).

Limited access Child Cards are free to check out any circulating material except for DVDs. Also, children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult when using the computers.

Check-In Policy
Materials may be returned to any Putnam County Library System branch or book drop. Materials will be checked for damage or missing pieces prior to being checked in. Materials checked in after the due date will be assessed late fees by the library’s automation system.

Late Fees
Late fees will be assessed if materials are not checked in by the close of business on the due date. A one-day grace period is given if materials are returned within a day of the due date.

Renewal Policy
Library materials may be renewed online through the catalog or by the staff either in person or via telephone (library card must be present in either case). Materials may be renewed twice unless on hold for another patron, in which case no renewal is possible.

Lost Materials
Library materials will be considered lost if not returned within 60 days of the due date. Patrons will be responsible for the replacement cost of these items. Patrons cannot replace or substitute the lost item with another item. If the item is found and returned within 30 days of the replacement cost being paid, a full refund will be issued by the library.

Damaged Materials
Items damaged beyond normal wear and tear, including purposefully defacing or destroying library material, are the responsibility of the patron. Fees for damaged materials will be the replacement cost for the material.

Claims Returned/Never Checked Out
A patron may challenge materials on their library card by “Claims Returned” or “Claims Never Checked Out.” In this case, the item will be marked as “Claims Returned,” fees waived, and the item removed from the patron’s card. This claim will be marked on the patron’s card. After three such instances, the patron will no longer be allowed to check out materials on their card. The patron will still have every other privilege having a library card extends.

Patrons may place items on hold either in person at the library, by phone or email, or on the library’s online catalog. Items placed on hold will be held by the corresponding branch for five business days before being taken off hold and placed back in circulation or fulfilled to the next patron in the hold queue. Holds will be placed chronologically by date of request. Requests for new releases will not be accepted more than three months in advance of the publication date.

Checking Out for Associated Card Holders
Patrons may not check out materials for any other card holder or on another card holder’s account unless previously specified or a parent or guardian is checking out materials for a child. In accordance with state law, the Putnam County Library System requires written permission from a patron if another individual is to use another’s card. The permission form may be obtained at the circulation desk.

Interlibrary Loans
If the Putnam County Library System does not have a book, a patron may request to fill out an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) application in order to track down the book in another Tennessee library. If successful, the library will call the patron to let them know their item has been received, and the normal hold time of three days will be assigned to the item for the patron to pick up the item. ILLs are good for a two-week checkout period. There are no renewals on ILLs.

Courtesy Notices
The library will notify patrons via text or email of upcoming due dates for materials. This notice is a courtesy, and not receiving one does not exempt the patron from any overdue fines.

Extenuating Circumstances
A library administrator may authorize exceptions to the circulation policy due to extenuating circumstances.