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Putam County Library Proctoring Services

What is Proctoring?
Proctoring is the process in which one person supervises another person who is taking an examination. This is a service that is frequently needed for distance learners. Many students use the Internet and other means to take classes offered by educational institutions in another part of the state or the country while continuing to live in this area. But in some cases, they may be required to take their examinations under supervision in a designated location.

What can we do for students?
We can try to provide a proctor and a time and place for students to take their exams.  This is conditional and must be pre-approved by the Library Director, Adult Services Librarian or Children’s Services Librarian before scheduling a proctor time. 
We cannot provide continuous observation of students during their examinations. Students who require this must find an alternative testing location on their own.

Where does the proctoring take place?
Proctoring can be conducted in the TN Room or in the general upstairs library study areas.

How are proctoring services arranged and scheduled?
Patrons who wish to set up a proctoring time must contact the Library Director, Adult Services Librarian or Children’s Services Librarian.  At their discretion, a proctoring time may be scheduled where guaranteed time and space is provided for the student to complete their exam, as well as a proctoring signature.  If a librarian is unavailable for the student’s testing time or foresees work-related or other conflicts that jeopardize the general functionality of the library, the librarian has the right to deny any proctoring request.  Once a proctoring time is scheduled, the librarian also has the right to cancel or reschedule a proctoring time due to work-related conflicts or library events.